Adulterers bear the scarlet letter of the Reputation System. This brand gives them special access to the Elissan Dungeon but signifies them as degenerates to all those they meet.

Privileges of the Brand

Bearing the brand gives access to a secret dungeon where, in the ages past, the adulterers- both the sinners of pre- and extramarital kinds- were put in the stocks and given pear. Imprisoned with them were debt-ridden drug users, teachers of sexual immorality, and the impure of heart. As the same in ages past, the tunnels dug by the afflicted are still in use:

  • Behind the south wall is the den known as the Sutral Seminary, also known as the Semenary. This is where the depraved teach their old, wicked crafts to the curious and the newly-branded.
  • Underneath the west wall is a tunnel into the sewers where the alchemist dumps the byproduct of his experiments. Drug users meet here to brag and experiment with themselves, frequently dropping so low as to use the byproduct wastewater in their foulness.

Social Acceptance

The brand has become so common as to become accepted in the time since its sins were decriminalized. Thankfully, however, the branded keep their sins within the dungeon away from sensitive and pious eyes and ears. It is so accepted that they allow themselves such liberties as to diversify their sins, creating a Lewd Economy.


The legalization of adultery dates back to the beginning of the Slaaneshi Seraphim's influence over the court and they have enjoyed the angelic grace of the Seraphim protecting them from closed-minded traditionalists ever since.

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