Adventurers are given a legal writ under the Reputation System to leave and return at their whim to hunt dangers to the peoples of the lands. This writ is respected as it very well deserves.

Privileges of the Writ

Presenting the writ allows one access to Bismarck's Garrison, home of the militia, and the specialized locations within. In times past, only militia commanders could enjoy the privileges of the tactical rooms of the garrison and typically hate these incoming mercenaries having the same power.

  • On the second floor is the war room of the Emperor himself and his top commanders. Adventurers under his direct employ meet here to carry out quests he orchestrates.
  • Behind the garrison front is the general recreation room, where written Adventurers may carouse with the professional soldiery that protects the city. Although this is good for morale, it's spoken of in secret that the interaction is only so that Adventurers don't send their underlings out on suicide missions.

For those gifted in the magics, two portals exist in the back of the recreation room that only awaken from the wall in the presence of those with awakened magics.

  • The first leads to the transmuter's laboratory, beside the chemist's lab, although both are open to the written. This is the place of creation, where the magically gifted pull their will from the Weave and create matter.
  • The second leads to a magical bubble hidden in the clouds away from the court. The magic within the bubble amplifies that of its occupants and allows them to manipulate the very land itself to terraform the empire and bring life where was once barren.
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