Age Of The Primordials

Records of the Age of the Primordials are lost, as the oral tradition died out and written records had not yet been invented. What is known is what the angels of the gods recant for us. The gods pulled the trees of the world out of the waters of creation and were set upon by unknown creatures of chaos from what is now known as the Farscape. They created a group of men known as the Sleeping Forest
Although at war with these diabolical fiends, the gods managed to have enough resources left available to them to solidify the foundations of the Plane of Man. They expanded upon these mortal creations and populated great swaths of lands into kingdoms united under one appointed King of Kings, a mythic Jaguar figure who kept Man at peace with himself under the reverence of the gods.
After the Jaguar was toppled, Man entered a dark age that quickly swelled into the First Age. Why the gods did not stop this is unknown.

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