Artisan Halls

The halls are set slightly below ground, but with many windows at ground level that flood the rooms with natural light. Here, all imaginable crafts are sculpted between the light of the windows and the roaring fireplaces where their models rest between poses.

Da Vinci Hall

The main body of the hall, connected by a straight hallway to the front gate of the castle, is a gathering place where artists of all professions may collaborate and critique each other's works. It is a calm, warmly decorated place. The area here is decorated by many of the creations of the artists within these very halls in appreciation.

Bowie Choir

The Choirhouse is a grand rehearsal hall with an entrance directly to the Maestro's Keep for performances. The practice here is mostly vocal although the rest of the orchestra has always been welcome. Sheet music in current and foreign styles abound, both from this plane and brought back from the future seekers or here from a foreign plane.

Michelangelo's Cloister

The Cloister is perhaps the most blessed of the artisan's halls in that it overlooks the cliff face behind the castle, granting it both a larger window and a gorgeous view. The gorgeous view it is afforded is a well appreciated luxury. Consul Alex and Viscount Niko are commonly found here.

Ramsey Scullery

Scullery duty is considered a high point among the slaves of the castle. The chefs of the nobility frequently find the compassion to all them to taste-test their creations, as well as allowing them to enjoy the scents of the work of the castle's regular chefs. The grand double doors they server out of lead to the main feast hall.

Spear Shook

The original name of the Shook has been lost to time and its purpose has gone with it. But now this place of primeval origin is the gathering place of poets and script writers. With decor older than the castle, the last vestige of whatever building sat here before it, it is a mystery itself which has inspired greatness from the creative minds inside. Emperor Cyric himself frequents here.

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