Bismarck's Garrison

Tucked just outside the castle gates, a garrison named for a past military genius who died in service to theEmperor sits, looking both lonely and busy all by itself. Should one be permitted in past the strong Half-Certar guards, the garrison commons welcome them into the recreation room of the professional soldiery. Captains and sentries stand on the balcony of the second floor overlooking the action to make sure no fights break the peace.

The Garrison serves a unique hybrid role in the functions of the state military. Here is where the official militia and guard ranks mix and mingle with hired mercenary outfits and independent adventurers. As such, it is one of the few places humans, half-elves, and full-blooded elves may interact with each other outside the binds of servitude. Crude songs, fresh drink, and raging fires make this place a place where men may be themselves without the ties of chivalry, status, or rank.
The main room is the commons, cut just below ground level in the hill. Rising above like a loft is the second floor, containing both the war room of the commanding officers and their benefactors as well as portals to places for mage support, both the transmuter's laboratory where equipment can be created and enchanted and the Terraformer's Flight so that whole battlefields may be changed to the benefit of the soldiers.

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