Changelings are a specific faerie menace that have largely been eliminated since the end of the First Age although the watch is high for their return.

Vile Origin

Changelings are replacements left behind when faeries kidnap a human child. Typically kidnapped as an infant, their changeling replacement cries less than a normal baby, hoping to be a sudden relief to its parents. They watch and learn, although they never quite process what they have learned. Everything is magically transmitted back to fey handlers hoping to achieve a secret that could topple or control an influential Man.


Changelings are very good at impersonating the people they replace. Although it is rare, they are even accomplished enough to replace a fully grown adult, although the awkward initial stage of learning how to behave as their victim usually gives them away to their close friends and family before much harm can be done.
Changelings stick out in all social encounters as they cannot grasp the nuance of men. They may occupy a fringe role in a loose organization that would not notice the replacement or suspect a child's unusual behavior. Once found out, however, they use their considerable strange and ferocious depravity to escape capture until they can integrate into a new host organization and begin again.

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