Changing Of The Ages

The Changing of the Ages is a loose association of events that occurred over approximately a lifetime that changed the First Age into the current Second Age and brought order to the primordial chaos of the world by solidifying the rule of Emperor Cyric and his rigid laws.

Establishment of the Nobility

First, as the vesper bells rang the end of the First Age, the Emperor seized the moment and established the titled of nobility and the associated privileges to those who would serve him. This foundation led to the formation of the Consulate which furthered his goals and brought the writ of law to an otherwise untouched expanse of creation.

Birth of the Brands

Soon after his word inflicted order upon existence, the Emperor began to limit access to his domain to prevent the spread of esoteric secrets and uncontrolled power. To keep the world compartmentalized, the reputation system and its many brands were gifted to the followers of the court.

Ordeal of Command

A challenger for control of the court emerged. With the immense sphere of influence they boasted, this individual threatened to destroy the order Cyric had created. After this individual, whose name has been stripped from all records, was executed, the influence of the court became measurable by a great magic woven by the Emperor.

Signing the Accord

With all avenues of possible control woven into the fabric of existence, Cyric found the people of his domain splitting themselves and fighting openly, creating far more chaos than permissible. To combat this, the Inaugural Drachma's Accord was drafted and signed. With its establishment, the Second Age had fully begun.

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