The Chronicle room is the main location of non-Prime Runners within the Hidden Web. Led by one of Emperor Cyric's own sons, a team of philosophers record, interpret, and remove the bias of the Prime Runner's stories of their past- the Empire's future. Possibly one of the most challenging careers a historian could pursue, there is an estimated millennium and a half of history to record and, due to the small pool of Prime Runners who have arrived through the Wizard's Nexus, very many black spots where the events are simply unknown and unknowable. It is hoped that future Runners will be able to fill in the blanks and add nuance to known events. To date, information from the Chronicle has been used to avoid 3 catastrophic events and potentially change the timeline.

The Chronicle is perhaps twenty five feet on each side and built around three central tables. The largest one involves the future of the Empire and, therefore, mankind in the general. The next largest deals with the lands outside the Empire and is used to insure those barbarians never eclipse Cyric's might. The smallest is for personal histories, both of the Runners themselves and of members of the court whose immortality or glory has led them to be known in the future. Each table is made of an unknown form of steel and projections nonmagical illusions into the air to store the data dictated to it. Although the travelers understand it, its users do not.

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