Consul Alex

Consul Alex is one of the last three surviving members of the Many Kings of the First Age. During the Eagle's War, Alex chose to swear their fealty rather than face execution and became part of the Consulate as a token of appreciation. They are frequently found in the Maestro's Keep enjoying the playing of the bards. They still wear their King's crown as a sign of their heritage.


Alex has stated a desire to be referred to in a gender neutral style and, as the most active Consul, their wishes are to be respected.

Also Known As

The King of Spite, Consul Blackheart, Gnal


Although proud, Alex has never fallen victim of their own pride. They use their authority as granted by their noble title to great effect and has shaped the court almost as much as the Emperor himself. Although a grand patron of the arts, this refinement doesn't hide their temper and they frequently lash out with the Curse of the Cut Tongue and ill will at newcomers who attract it. This, however, has not stopped them from acting as a peace maker between other fights in the court, as they frequent mediate and end the spats between Marchioness Peachies and Viscount Jordan.


Aside from the Crown of their previous Kingship, Alex has mostly escaped the trappings of the reputation system. They bear the Adulterer's Brand with relative confidence, however, and are a great contributor to its newfound popularity.


Alex is the Drachma of the Twinkforce and one of the first three to sign the Drachma's Accord. Their Drachma's Coin is worn as part of a necklace, something of a dog tag that all officers of the Force wear. Their protection of the Guildless was used as the model for the Bulwark Accord recently signed.


Alex is seemingly a friend to all members of the court who have established themselves although they tend to be hostile to debutantes or those who would shake up the enforced order of the Emperor's domain. Their steadfast use of their Consul authority and relative loyalty to the throne has earned them an honored place of friendship with the Emperor himself and his followers, but that is not to say they are a mindless sycophant as the Emperor has tried to force them to be.

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