Consul Kinue

Consul Kinue, commonly referred to as the mother of the court, was one of the Many Kings vanquished during the Changing of the Ages during the Eagle's War. She swore fealty and was given a position of respect in the Consulate. She is one of the last three surviving Kings and wears her Queen's crown as a sign of her origins.


Mommy Kinue is not as frequently on castle grounds as Consul Alex or His Grace. This makes her appearances special events and they are very frequently either powerful displays of her authority or maternal attempts at conflict resolution. Her presence often brings out the best in the other members of the court.


She bore the nimbus of a Planeswalker during the Eagle's War, which attracted great attention to her. Since accepting her post in the Consulate, she has been branded as an Adulterer although she is largely absent from the dungeon where they congregate. She also keeps the writ of an Adventurer and the choker of a Soros although doesn't boast either one out of turn.


Mommy Kinue is Guildless, making her the only person in the upper nobility to refrain from the system of guilds. She has been a vocal opponent of the Guildless Sorties.

Guildless Rallies

Under her leadership, the Guildless are almost coherent in a respectable fashion. As such, she advocates for either an amendment to the Drachma's Accord or a second Accord to provide protection to the Guildless should the Twinkforce ever step aside and allow the Guilded to assault them again. Her prestige is frequently tested here but she has never failed to bring the Guildless together for a show of force.

Secret Caravan

Rumors and gossip about a secret caravan of the Guildless abound led by the Consul herself or a steward acting in her stead. The Drachma are eager to discover the location of the caravan at any time but never get anything more than outdated gossip.


Kinue has open hostility with Marchioness Peachies and her rare appearances in the dungeon drug den are intensely critical of her. She has a strained relationship with Viscount Jordan due to his incessant fighting with Peachies but takes his side in defense against unjust exile although she doesn't protect him against the Curse of the Cut Tongue. She has otherwise good relations with her colleague, Consul Alex and the Emperor, acting as a more compassionate counterpoint to their hostilities.

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