The Consulate is the joint office of Consul Alex and Consul Kinue under Emperor Cyric as his lieutenants and viziers.

Powers of the Consuls

The Consuls enjoy free range of the domain of their master. None may question their wishes except their lord. They may send to exile or give the Curse of the Cut Tongue to force silence in dissenters. These powers are utilized in enforcing the law of the land and insuring loyalty to their liege.

History of the Consulate

Eagle's War

At the end of the First Age, while the Emperor established the noble hierarchy that would lead in the Second Age, what few former rulers of the Many Kings who remained within the domain of His Grace raised a big stir and threatened revolt when they learned their kingdoms would be forfeit to the Emperor. Their titles revoked and their followers being commanded from a different throne, the kings threw their power at the Emperor. The war was short but valiant. In the end, the Emperor spared the lives of the last four. Alex and Kinue swore fealty in their defeat and were allowed to become Consuls out of respect. Viscount Jordan, who was exiled at the time, was permitted to return to the court after the beginning of the Second Age. The last King, whose name has since been struck from all records, was permitted a peasant's life within the realm of his victor until he attempted usurpation.

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