Crusader's Crypt

Known as the home base of the Penitent Crusade and the base of worship of Bhaal, the Crypt is ostensibly a regal temple. White marble with gold inlays constitute the inside walls and a majority of the surfaces inside, giving an air of a normal, if somewhat wealthy, place of worship. The hanging tapestries, however, are of black and red cloth and depict not only the symbol of their god but the symbols of the Crusade and of Necromancy. Not of the attending, however, see an issue with it. A majority are Necromancers themselves.
It is after the sermons that the true nature of the congregation come to life, as the undead maintain the altar and work towards the cleanliness of the rest of the building. They maintain the many torches that insure everything is lit and mend any tears in tapestry or in seat cushions. These undead seem to be unusually intelligent and reluctantly willing to complete their duties, although they cite their own transgressions in life to motivation themselves in between whispered prayers.

The Crypt is found outside one of the larger cities of Keygrove under the rule of their Pontiff and Drachma, Marquis Chromelord.

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