Curse Of The Cut Tongue

The Curse of the Cut Tongue is a major hex that only members of the upper nobility, such as the Consuls and Marquises, may levy against another member of the curse. It is seen as a minor, temporary exile without all the additional hassle. The Curse renders the recipient mute and in a stationary stasis until someone unhexes them, which is usually quick. Just long enough to get the point across. The Third Exile of Viscount Jordan occurred while he was cursed, which was an awkward comedy to exile a man in stasis.

History of the Curse

The Curse originated during the Ordeal of Command and was one of the first volleys of war shot by the Unknown King, whose name has been stripped from all records. Since its failure, Emperor Cyric has repurposed it to be a tool of order rather than a kingslayer.

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