Drachma are leaders of their respective guilds and serve as mentors of newcomers, guides to all members, and protectors of their respective territories.

Origin of the Drachma

Drachma are named by the magic geas that each leader is bound by after writing their names in the Drachma's Accord. The name comes from the palladium coins that each carries modeled after the Greek coins originally used as the currency of the court. The authority written into the Accord that gives them control over their guildmates are amplified in the presence of their respective coins of authority.

Responsibilities of the Drachma

As naturally comes with the amount of control gifted to leaders of their caliber, Drachma bear the responsibility of both the behavior and welfare of the members of their guilds. For smaller guilds, this is a lot less pressure upon them, although having too few members threatens to remove them from the Accord and limits their influence. This has led Drachma to be very careful about whom they recruit, often associating a higher class to guild members than the Guildless.

Drachma Privileges

Drachma maintain a clear, limitless influence over their followers. The word of one's Drachma is law. Although this lack of argument and inability to deny a direct request might make a Guildless question why anyone would ever join, they forget the wisdom bestowed to these guildmasters by the Accord and the great will they can force upon their foes.
Additionally, the Drachma possess a secret meeting place that requires the presence of a Drachma's Coin to enter. This hidden location is said to bear the original deed of the Accord and be warded against divination attempts.

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