Drachma's Accords

Inaugural Accord

Many years after the creation of the Imperial Court, there was a conflict between growing but unnamed factions. Ranking members of the nobility were exerting conflicting influences across the court and trying to force different agendas to come to life. The resulting wars marred the peace of the court for much too long before the Emperor himself sat down the leaders of these groups and forced them into signing the Accords that birthed the Guilds.

Each noble solidified and officialized their influence as their respective guild. The original signatures were the Emperor himself creating the Slaaneshi Seraphim, Consul Alice signing the Twinkforce, and Marquis Chromelord signing for the Penitent Crusade. Other guilds have since sworn and bound themselves by the geas written into the Accord. While bound by the geas, the Drachma and their followers are incapable of attacking members of other guilds, but the Guildless remain fair game. As such, until the Twinkforce came to their protection, it was common for guild members, especially members of the Seraphim, to assault and harass the Guildless. This time was known as the Guildless Sorties.

Criticism of the Inaugural Accord

The Guildless Sorties brought on a far-reaching criticism of the Accord for failing to protect the Guildless from the whims of the privileged Guilded. It was demanded that an amendment be made or a second accord signed to protect them should the Twinkforce ever step aside again. It took much pressure for the Drachma to consider, let alone pass such a measure.

Architect's Accord

Although originally proposed by the Twinkforce, the Slaaneshi Seraphim seconded and advanced a secondary accord to create home locations for the guilds. This was never formally ratified, so the four guilds of the time created the Guild Gate as a central location for diplomacy between the Guilded. Bussy Station, the Cloud of Slaanesh, Crusader's Crypt, and Eden's Respite were sanctified and made important this way, although the vote was never official and, as such, this Accord is largely ignored in the annuls of history.

Bulwark Accord

After a shocking and close vote, a third Accord was signed to quell Guildless riots. Although not extending many protections to the Guildless, it solidified protection for the Guildless against any future Sorties. The three signatories of the Inaugural Accord were joined by the fourth Drachma, duke-ap of the Sleeping Forest, in ratifying it and validating its geas.

Criticism of the Bulwark Accord

Although the largest complaint of the Guildless was appeased, a great many remained that the Bulwark failed to address. The Guilded still freely manipulated, ostracized, and spat upon the Guildless. Society was still stratified with the Guilded taking unequal luxuries and leaving the Guildless with scraps.


As the Third Age began, the Guilded began to outnumber the Guildless. To speed up recruitment and expand relations with the Guildless, the Bulwark Accord was expanded to allow creation of the Isle of the Pact, which also fostered relations between the guilds themselves.

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