Drachma's Roundtable

When you present your coin to the lone pedestal in the otherwise empty corridor, the floor beneath you rumbles open. The stonework pulls itself back like a membrane and exposes a spiraling staircase downward into the earth. The pedestal retreats into the floor with it and the beacon of light it sat within floods down through the open space underneath it to illuminate the visions of an iron table many, many steps beneath you.

All major decisions of and by the guilds are made from this very room, hidden far beneath the castle grounds. Here, the Emperor himself is equal in might to the other Drachma. No scrying or teleportation allows unbidden entrance. The Drachma down here use ancient magics from the signing of the Drachma's Accord to watch the deeds of their followers and send telepathic commands.

Before the Accord

Although the signing of the Accord gave this bunker its magical defenses, it predates the rest of the castle. The Emperor moved his capital from a faraway place to directly over whatever secret he discovered here. Rumors abound that it is related to the relative timelessness and immortality that he and his Consuls enjoy and if it extends to the other Drachma as well.

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