Eden's Respite

In the center of the world reportedly, Eden's Respite is a serene forest that the gods created first when they pulled the first world tree from the waters of creation. For miles around this sacred tree, a multitude of unique flora and equally specialized fauna roam and grow together in a calming peace. The fruits along the edge are a favorite of pilgrims. As one enters the depths of the forest, however, many trees grow vines of thorns, ready to protect the sacred space. Fog stops anyone except the Sleeping Forest and native faeries from going in too much further. This place is the center of the Weave and one of the most powerful points of magical energy on the Plane of Man.
With the help of magical guidance, it is possible to reach the center tree and the castle built around it. The courtyard is in disrepair with weeds and ivy choking out all but the heartiest flowers. A single headstone rests in the center of the approach with a silvered sword stuck inside. The burial ground of the Last Guardian of the Forest is here underneath the last ray of sunshine in front of the aged, destroyed, and dilapidated castle of Eden's Respite. None inhabit this place any longer than the Lonely Bard, Drachma Viscount AP of the Sleeping Forest. So long as he is present, even the destroyed castle can provide safe refuge.

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