Elves are a semi-mortal form of faerie that inhabit the Plane of Man alongside humans. During the First Age, they were manipulative and antagonist towards humans, while they are a servile slave race during the Second Age.


Arirow, also know as Sun Elves or High Elves, are a light-skinned, mild mannered Elven race. They are of a weak bloodline whose features can be bred out in two generations. They are a favorite to serve as slaves and run errands. Mother Tsura's eunuchs are most commonly Arirow elves and their half-breed children.

Crown Arirow

Arirow descended from royal bloodlines possess birth marks across their faces resembling their crests of their old regal families. These are prized more than other Arirow, favored for the harems of upper nobility. It's considered a waste of Elfflesh to put them to manual labor like regular Arirow.


Certar elves are darkskinned mercenary warriors known widely by the name of Moon Elves. An opposite of the Arirow in both breeding and behavior, they revel in war and enjoy inflicting harsh marks upon themselves and others as revelry. Their bloodline can corrupt a Man family for many generations. They are sometimes referred to with the pejorative "Orc".

Blood Certar

Blood Certar tend to an even darker skin tone than the rest of their race, down to almost ebony. Their inherent blood magic makes them difficult opponents and their hostile attitudes make them harsh allies as well. Mother Tsura is a Blood Certar under the direct employ of the Emperor

Phalanx Certar

Phalanx stand opposed to the kin by being unusually agreeable and very friendly. They bond to their allies faster and stronger than other soldiers. Although unsettling at first, many appreciate their attitude in tense moments.


Dusk Elf Saranti are the racial enemies of humans. They court outcast humans and manipulate them into turning against their own kind. Forest hermits through and through, they won't even leave their native lands to seek out prey, living entirely off what is hunted before even learning agriculture.

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