Elissan Dungeon

Upon exposing the scarlet brand to the matching symbol carved into the stonework, the wall itself moves aside to permit you down the long spiral staircase. Five stories below the ground, half as deep as the Iscarian Oubliette, a grand congregation of degenerates and sex-addicted nobles perform what is only just short of an orgy, stopping only to beckon you down into their sing.

Little has changed since the days the actions of the Adulterers were condemned. This place still bears stocks, the light still only comes from torches that sparsely line the walls and never in any cells, and the steel bars that divide the area still hold perversion inside. But now an air of consent to their imprisonment has arrived. No longer is the chilled stone a pain, now it is a soft pleasure. Now the Slaaneshi Seraphim bear witness to ingenuity of the most carnal path. Even the half-Arirow sex slave girls here find a moaning passion to themselves.
To the south, through what used to be a ruined guardpost, is the darker Sutral Seminary, where experienced Sadites drag newcomers to teach them things their mothers wish they would never know. The way here is even colder as it traces the cliff face. The only window afforded down here is at the junction before the door to the Semenary.
Underneath the crumbled walls to the west are paths into several of the various, separate sewers the castle maintains. The cleaner one is used as a bathing room, for aquatic rendezvous. The alchemist's gutter, however, houses the profane backwater.

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