Emperor Cyric

The Emperor founded his empire during the First Age and defended it against the Many Kings until their defeat. Although not the most diplomatic member of the court, he has always picked his battles well and has enforced law upon the shattered land his predecessors eked out of primordial chaos. The land has prospered since, a monument to the effects of the law he has inflicted upon it.


Cyric is currently predisposed between the diametrically opposed tasks of enjoying his empire while working diligently to expand upon it. This doesn't leave him very much time to himself, however he can always be reached either in Constantine's Courtyard or Elissan Dungeon.


Cyric has given himself all marks of the reputation system, although not entirely necessary.


Slaanesh herself has corrupted Cyric and sent him to lead the Slaaneshi Seraphim. He drafted the Drachma's Accord and was the first Drachma to sign.


He has a shaky but professional relationship with his vizier, Marchioness Peachies. He comes down upon her just as hard about her spats with jordan, which has led to difficulties in their friendship. Otherwise, for obvious reasons, all members of the court keep a mostly positive relationship with him. Which is sometimes harder than it needs to be.
The Emperor has recently declared war upon the Cult of Purity.

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