Exiles of Sir Jordan

During his stay in the court of His Graciousness, Viscount Jordan has been exiled and returned a total of three times. He is currently permitted in the holy land, although his stay is a rocky one as he grates the gentry.

First Exile

During the First Age of the court, before the establishment of the nobility, the now-Viscount was exiled multiple times for short durations, although these are generally consolidated into one larger event. Because of the unstable chaos of the time, there was little importance to his status within the realm.

Second Exile

The second exile was at his personal choice during the Changing of the Ages, during which the Consulate was formed in his absence and to his exclusion. He was one of the Many Kings during the First Age. His demotion upon his return grated him.

Third Exile

His most recent exile over his feud with Marchioness Peachies. Although this exile was due to a cold war of prestige, he returned without demotion or further punishment. His return was steeped in controversy as His Graciousness who sent him away allowed his return without pomp and circumstance, the first of the kind. The Marchioness is still uneasy about the implications of this.

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