Faerie is a grouped classification of many fey races native to the Wildlands, arranged by allegiances to the Fey Courts more than actual resemblance between them.

Vernal Hunt

Also known as Green Faeries, the Vernal Hunt are lighthearted and deceptively kind fey known for playing light pranks on hunters and encouraging children to misbehave. They were revered in the First Age by rural communities who believed they could bless the spring rebirth every year.

Estival Carnival

Summer Fey are orange-skinned usually and prefer to revel and carouse with humans than cause actual hardship, although they care not for the consequences of their actions. Many a celebration has been marked by an Estival presence to "enhance" the events of the evening.

Autumnal Court

Cursed with a cold heart and a deep hate for humanity, the Autumnal Court is known as Dark Fey and were a primary aggressor during the Faerie Wars. They frequently would assault members of the Many Kings and replace them or their children with changelings. Although not the most active of the courts within the Plane of Man, their actions are the first to be thought about when faeries are mentioned.


The Hibernals, or the Sleeping Winter, are not a faction of fey known to Man. They are mentioned by the other courts on occasion with the same air as a sleeping monster. Although feared, there doesn't seem to be a solid reason. Just the absence of a presence seems satisfactory to make them a boogeyman for even Elven children.

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