Fang is the god of trickery and fun-making, especially at the expense of others. He is of close friendship with the Estival Carnival and may have been their progenitor. He frequently enjoys shirking his divine duties to drop down to the Plane of Man and mingle with mortals. His disguise is often found within Maestro's Keep. While on the mortal plane, he performs as a bard under the name of Elyas, however his songs are full of divine enchantments. He haunts wherever he may fool someone into listening to his tunes to sew ideas into their heads.

Elyas Fang

This gray-haired manifestation of the trickster god embodies his domain. Although dressed and behaved as a young man just reaching adulthood, his long silvered hair and facial scarring betray his true age. He appears wherever he is not welcomed, especially as a particular blight on the backs of the Sleeping Forest as he can navigate through Eden's Respite and continue to press and annoy even at their home base. Although not necessarily as large as a soldier or other athlete, he is a head taller than the average man and filled out well. He enjoys luring people to him with the alternating appearance of his silver coin necklace, which can replicate any image upon it so well that it may mimic a Drachma's Coin, and with a fiddle made of solid silver.

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