The Farscape is an unknowable hellhole home of the Kullites and shoggoths. There has never been a man to return from its reaches, although many a soothsayer claims to hold visions of it.

Visions of Beyond

Those touched of mind claim visions of the Farscape to hold perversions of the physics of our world. Trees that bend around themselves and twist into knots as you watch them. Creatures with the faces of men and the voices of children walking with the bodies of crustaceans and amphibians. Just the sight of the place invites feelings of doom and apocalyptic dread.

Tempting Psionics

The mystically gifted often have dreams of the Farscape and its denizens asking for pieces of their minds and fragments of sanity in return for unknowably powerful magical boons. Necromancers and Enchanters in particular find themselves as the targets of these maddening deals by terrifying beasts who assume a skin that almost resembles men. Even the most devoid of soul and hardened of will find these bargainers to be disconcerting. Their ultimate goal is unknowable but their methods are undeniably vile.
Although not a concern of Bhaal, the Penitent Crusade keeps watch over their own to guard against Farscapian corruption.

Psychomagical Power

Getting their power from something beyond the diametral forces of good and evil, these ancient forces of primordial chaos are the sworn enemies of the agents of the gods. The Slaaneshi Seraphim forsake their own degeneracy to viciously assault anything from the Farscape.

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