First Age

Also known as the Kingsreign, the First Age was a time of chaos that predated the arrival of Emperor Cyric. This time was defined by the myriad of varied rules of the Many Kings.


The Plane of Man was divided between the Many Kings, arbitrary borders dividing its populace and subjecting them to confusing laws and the whims of their monarchs. The popularity, application, and goal of these monarchs and their unjust systems of law had little to no consistency and caused grand divisions between families of people. Because these kings each aimed to conquer their rivals and establish themselves as the King of Kings, bloody conflicts between the monarchs were commonplace.

Exploitative Invasions

Kullite Slavery

Frequently, kings would topple or become corrupted by ancient, alien beings. These creatures and their vile servants would invade the Plane of Man and enslave its inhabitants before stealing them back to their eldritch origins. What was done to these slaves while in the Farscape is unknown although many philosophers believe it to involve some psychomagical conversion into the shoggoth.
While their invasions did not end with the Changing of the Ages, the presence of Planeswalkers and the Wizard's Nexus in which they reside acts as a protective bulwark preventing them from invading too close to the castle of the Emperor.

Fey Incursions

In addition to the Farscapian invasions, frequent Elf and Faerie incursions into the lands of Man from foreign territory resulted in a swath of issues- Miscegenation, slavery, proxy wars between the Many Kings, and the kidnapping of children. The allowance of them to live unfettered within the lands of Man created many problems that the Kings refused to address and some even embraced above the lives of their citizens. Consul Kinue in particular sided with these Sarati foulspawn.

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