City Gates

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As you pass through the ironwrought gates of the Emperor's City, a mysterious Herald yells to signal your approach. Although the blue beard of this dwarf is unsettling and his ferret-like eyes make him appear far more annoying than friendly, you realize he's probably not worth enough of your time to think further about.

Join the Court!

The Emperor would be pleased to welcome you!

Marks of the Gentry:

Measures of Influence

Locations Within Castle Grounds:

Communal Areas
Palace Courtyard

Imperial History

First Age
Changing of the Ages
Drachma's Accord
Second Age
Guildless Sorties

High Rollers of the Court

Emperor Cyric
Consuls Alice and Kinue
Marquis Chromelord and Niko and the Marchionesses Peachies and Melly
Dukes Jordan, Somnus and AP

Sanctioned Religions


Notable But Not Noble

Mother Tsura
Sadite Felix
Unknown King

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