Guild Gate

The Guild Gate has become an important part of Guilded culture since its creation in the Architect's Accord. At the end of a long alley in the Circle of the Guilds in the Cathedral district of the city. The black stone looks dull and mundane, a purposeful misdirection meant to disguise the magic in the room. Its stained glass windows tell the history of the Drachma since the creation of the guilds, including the formations of the newer guilds, the birth of the new social caste and the reception by the Guildless, and even the Guildless Sorties and the signing of the Bulwark Accord.

Additionally, the main purpose of this place is to magically link together the bases of the guilds. The doors so far include a purple portal emitting smoke that leads to the Cloud of Slaanesh, a white wooden door with impervious glass that opens into Bussy Station, a door in the shape of an ancient oak tree that leads to just outside the castle grounds of Eden's Respite, and door with a warm, pleasant light leaking through the cracks in its frame that opens right to the kitchen of Mommy's House.

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