Officially Recognized Guilds of the Court of the Eternal Emperor

Although a few unofficial guilds exist within his followers, they are given none of the specialized permissions and boons that those of the Drachma's Accord. At the time of the writing, only four guilds have maintained legal recognition. Their pages, colors, and respective pages are as follows. Their base locations can be reached through the Guild Gate.

Name Color Drachma Central Base Activity
Slaaneshi Seraphim #7339AC Emperor Cyric Cloud of Slaanesh Present
Penitent Crusade #FF2121 Marquis Chromelord Crusader's Crypt Present
Twinkforce #E6E6FA Consul Alice Bussy Station DEFUNCT
Sleeping Forest #082604 duke-ap Eden's Respite ABSORBED
Mommy's Children #FF69B4 Consul Kinue Mommy's House Virulent
Amphitheater of Bones #E3DAC9 Duke Somnus Eden's Respite Newfound

There is a growing movement amongst those excluded from the factions, known as the Guildless, to elevate Guildless status to the same level of protections as the guilds in the Accords. They were previously being led by Consul Kinue prior to the Bulwark Accord and her formation of Mommy's Children.

Unofficial Guilds

Unofficial guilds are more like assertions that the involved deserve protection from the Guildless Sorties the same as other guild members. Although they never achieve the influence or the protection they seek, they rebel for the sake of their "guilds".

Name Leader
Backslash's Troop Marquis Niko
Endless Clones jordan
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