Hidden Web

The chip under your skin itches and chirps and suddenly the dead-end hallway gives way underneath you as the stonework pulls itself into the earth. This continues uninterrupted until it almost reaches the depth of the dungeons before the stone gives way to steel and the floor stops moving. Other chipped individuals lounge here in a future style made of designs and materials only understood to those with the chip. An illusion without magic speaks to you in a near but unusual dialect of your tongue and instructs those without the chip to progress down to the Chronicle.
The Hidden Web is the home to the Prime Runners who have been pulled through time from the Wizard's Nexus. A vast network of corridors and catwalks here have been constructed linking recreational areas with hidden food processors, dormitories, and other accommodations not of the current age. A series of colored arrows in the steel floors help guide those unfamiliar with the layout, from blue arrows to the latrines and green to the Museum to reds and oranges guiding to the Chronicle and last working terminal respectively.
A ragtag collection wanders around, having fun, creating, brandishing, or otherwise utilizing advanced weaponry in unorthodox ways. They have been tasked with creating visions of the future and helping track the future of the Plane of Man and the might of Emperor Cyric.

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