Also known as the Astral Sea in religious and poetic sources, the Immaterial is almost a plane in and of itself. It is the walls and barriers between the planes that keep their essences separate. Largely unchanged since the gods hoisted the Planes from its empty void and made it barren. As it is now, its existence is most similar to blank, empty deserts expanding in all directions until reaching the edges of the other planes. That being said, it is thinner is some places than others allowing some spellcasters the ability to traverse between them. Planeswalkers are able to cross the Immaterial no matter how thick it is in a given location.
During the First Age, the Immaterial was extremely thin between the Plane of Man and the Wildlands due to the constant voyages to and fro by the Autumnal Court in the Faerie Wars. Due to the immense Hieromancy forced upon the Plan by Emperor Cyric during the Changing of the Ages and the creation of the Wizard's Nexus, the Immaterial has been thickened around the Plane of Man slowing even the journeys of Planeswalkers to a painful standstill during the wrong phase of the moon.

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