King Of Kings

As A Person

In the original Age of the Primordials of the Plane of Man, the divided nations were united under the solitary banner of the Jaguar, symbol of the King of Kings. Most lore of this semi-mystical person has largely been lost during the divisions of the First Age. After his fall, his lands broke into many nations vying for dominance. His vassals, who would become the Many Kings each assumed the symbol of the Jaguar and fashioned themselves as the next King of Kings to united all of Man.

As A Title

The title of King of Kings denotes one as having conquered all their competition and vassalized all those of equivalent prestige. During the First Age, kings would assume the title if they ever conquered more than one of their peers. During the Eagle's War, it was assumed Emperor Cyric would take the title but, in a show of force, he broke the tradition and condemned the name.

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