Kullites are large mulluscoid creatures from the Farscape that predate the creation of the Plane of Man by the gods. Approximately the size of houses with a number of tentacles strong enough to pick up and kidnap people. They made frequent incursions into the Plane of Man during the First Age to kidnap innocents to corrupt into shoggoths.
Little is known about Kullite society except what has been witnessed by battlefield survivors. They speak in a corrupting telepathic wave in a way that is understandable but drives lunacy into Men who hear it. They appear to have a sort of nobility and hierarchy similar to that of man, as dictated by their number of tentacles.
During the Age of the Primordials, the Kullites fought against the gods immediately after their creation of the material world. Seraphim, including the Slaaneshi Seraphim, and mortals known as the Sleeping Forest kept that at bay until the First Age, when members of the Many Kings would begin to be corrupted by their influence. This corruption led to many massacres and war crimes during the Jaguar Wars.

After the creation of the Wizard's Nexus to house resident Planeswalkers, Kullite activity dropped to a minimum inside the borders of the empire. All they can do now is tempt mortals into summoning them with their psionics.

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