Many Kings

During the First Age, many kings divided up the territory that Emperor Cyric now rules. Their reigns came to an end during the Eagle's War of the Changing of the Ages when they collectively assaulted the holdings of the Emperor.


An unrecorded number of Kings divided the known world into a complicated political map and warred among themselves in wanton chaos. The bloodshed was astronomical but there was seemingly no justification for it except the pride and egotism of the kings. When Cyric began his conquest to enforce order upon this shattered world, they found a defense rally which was the closest thing to peace known in the First Age.

Eagle's War

So named for the martial eagles who swarmed battlefields to feast upon the scavengers of the dead, the Eagle's War was a prolonged engagement that resulted in the capture, execution, and dishonoring of all but four of the Kings. The sight of the eagle is still a sign of the Emperor's might over his dissenters due to his complete decimation of the Kings.

Aftermath and Survivors

The Consulate was created after Queen Alice and Queen Kinue swore their fealty in return for their survivor. An Unknown King, whose name has been struck from all records, also survived but, as he did not swear loyalty, was struck down to a commoner until he attempted usurpation and was executed. jordan, who was in exile at the time of the war, returned to see the new order and knelt before the Emperor, allowing him to survive.

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