Marchioness Melly

Marchioness Melly joined the court shortly after the entrance into the Second Age and found a fast home in the comforts of the upper nobility. Her mother was a nymph known to the Emperor who petitioned for her daughter to be permitted within the confines of order he enforced upon his domain. Green Fey enjoy a presence in the Constantine's Courtyard for as long as she maintains her good graces with Cyric.

Also Known As

Feykiss, Headmistress Melly, Greenie Stark


Melly's beauty and charms earned her way up the ranks through the Emperor and his cabal of associates. She is the most appreciated woman in this regard, although this has led to some arrogance on her part as she backtalks to her superiors and believes herself to have the privilege to speak to her inferiors however she wishes, although the frequent reproach from this misbehavior is often lost on her. She is a Marchioness and has been capped there by the Consulate before she could rival their power.


As a fey, she has a widely known reputation as an Adulterer and her close familial connection to His Grace has earned her a spot within the Soros.


As the second-in-command of the Penitent Crusade, it would be assumed that she has begun practice of the sanctified necromancy the guild is known for. Although this has not been proven, she is still magically gifted in some unknown respect. Perhaps that unknown devil makes her even more dangerous than if she was a Penitent Necromancer.


Although not privileged enough to be the vizier to the Emperor, she does enjoy close correspondence. She is also close to her Pontiff in the Crusade, fellow Marquis, Chromelord. Her presence is generally enjoyed by most other members of the court as well.

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