Marchioness Peachies

Peachies joined the court during the Changing of the Ages and became Emperor Cyric's vizier. Although this indirectly lends her a great influence over the people of the court, she has little direct authority beyond that granted by her title and rarely uses even that.


Peachies is rarely found outside the Elissan Dungeon and frequents the profane backwater. She is also currently recoiling from the return of Viscount Jordan from his Third Exile and what possible inclinations it holds of the political landscape.


Peachies proudly wears the scarlet brand of the Adulterers. Her decision making while down in the dungeon has brought a great deal of criticism to be leveled against her.


Just as her role in the greater court, she is the advisor to Emperor Cyric in the Slaaneshi Seraphim. She is a great conduit for the power of Slaanesh and spreads the behaviors that the guild seeks to make more commonplace.


Peachies fights most constantly with her inferior, Jordan, to the extent of damaging her relations with the rest of the upper nobility. Her patron keeps her safe from too much blowback from this but she fears his patience may be coming to an end. Consul Kinue in particular is most eager for when the Emperor ceases shielding her.

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