Exiled Peachies

Peachies joined the court during the Changing of the Ages and became Emperor Cyric's vizier. Although this indirectly lent her a great influence over the people of the court, she had little direct authority beyond that granted by her title and squabbled it.


Peachies was rarely found outside the Elissan Dungeon and frequented the profane backwater. She recoiled from the return of Jordan from his Third Exile and alienated herself from the rest of the court due to her hate before her exile after attempting an assault on the holdings of Consul Kinue


Peachies proudly wore the scarlet brand of the Adulterers. Her decision making while down in the dungeon brought a great deal of criticism to be leveled against her.


Just as her role in the greater court, she was the advisor to Emperor Cyric in the Slaaneshi Seraphim. She was a great conduit for the power of Slaanesh and spreads the behaviors that the guild sought to make more commonplace.


Peachies fought most constantly with her inferior, Jordan, to the extent of damaging her relations with the rest of the upper nobility and ending in her exile. Her patron, the Emperor, kept her safe from too much blowback from their initial fighting but even his blessed patience came to an end.


After endless clashes with Jordan and Kinue, she began to attempt to scandalize the rest of the court. At this time, she lost her status as Vizier to the Throne to Marchioness Melly upon her return from Sanitorium of Zaric Purity. In her blind rage, she attempted to begin a civil war against the Consulate and immediately assaulted the holdings of Consul Kinue. With the Emperor assisting her, the Consul threw her into exile in the Wildlands and gave her lands to Marquis Niko.

As Peachies was exiled, she muttered a curse that affected a wide swath of minor details across the castle and its denizens. Forcing sadite-felix to become Felix was the most immediately recognizable. None of his followers, admirers, or fellows are phased by the change. This rushed curse is ultimately seen as a benign failure, although Felix has shown an appreciation for his change.

There are no plans for her to return.

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