Marquis Chromelord

Chromelord was a silent member of the First Age who, although enjoying the chaos, did not resist the will of the Emperor. Despite his wishes to not be a part of the rigid hierarchy, he has been gifted a powerful position for his compliance. The Emperor respects Chromelord's will and the will of his god, Bhaal, with the same passive indifference. This silent respect is surprisingly good for relations.

Also Known As

Pontiff Death, Bhaal's Chosen, Steel Necromaster


Chromelord has always been clever and, although he infrequently acts upon it, he has plans to further his own agenda and that of his divine patron beyond just his work with the Penitent Crusade. In this respect, it is actually quite beneficial that his far-sighted vision overwhelms his own emotions. It has elevated him to the Pontiff of Death, which is not a position to be disrespected by any.


Although his emotions are repressed by his wisdom, his "other" drives has earned him the scarlet brand of the Adulterers. His seeking agenda under Bhaal has also earned him the legal writ of an Adventurer. His status as being chipped like a future seeker while also possessing the nimbus of a Planeswalker is confusing, although it is suggested that it might be the direct will of Bhaal suffusing his spirit, or what remains of it.


Chromelord is the Drachma of the Penitent Crusade and has incorporated his magical Drachma's Coin into the steel of his left arm. He was one of the original three to sign the Drachma's Accord.
He is also a well-renowned Penitent Necromancer and has used this magic to fuse metals into his skeleton to replace the decaying flesh that comes as a manifestation of his frequent workings with the energy of death.


Although he is not given to the making of allies, he has no enemies within the court. His word is generally well received as well, showing that his necromantic and religious work do not detract from the respect he has earned for himself.

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