Marquis Niko

Marquis Niko is the court strongman, always ready for a fight. He has taught himself a passable proficiency with the weapons brought back from the future seekers and boasts a deadly aim. He was one of the first of the Soros to join at the start of the Second Age as a Duke. After Marchioness Peachies brought exile upon herself, he was promoted to Marquis.

Also Known As

Backslash, Cybero


Although more than qualified to teach at the Regum Collegium, his presence has notably been missed there. He has been granted the title of Marquis and a significant amount of land, which he keeps in remarkably good repair. His promotion is wildly lauded as not just deserved but overdue.


Niko has been branded an Adulterer by his own wish although it appears more as a power move to keep an eye on the degenerates of the court. He is a member of the Soros and acts as eyes for His Graciousness as well as an Adventurer with a writ of service to the throne.


Although a member of the Penitent Crusade, he is infrequently active in guild affairs. Whether a joke or not, he professes to lead an unsanctioned guild of soldiers trained in his future-tech weaponry. He appears to only have joined the Crusade in return for protection from the Guildless Sorties.


The Marquis maintains notably good relations with the Emperor and Consul Alice as well as his former land liege, Melly. His input is usually adhered to with high regard although he has had a few notable spats with jordan that resulted in one or both of them almost enduring the Curse of the Cut Tongue, although nothing has materialized quite yet.

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