Miscegenation, also known as race-mixing, is the process of which elves dilute the bloodlines of Man with their impure blood. This creates half-elves, a blight upon the might of Man as persecuted by Zarus. In a shocking reverse of the policy of the Second Age, Emperor Cyric has legalized race-mixing and no longer enslaves the resultant bastards. Interracial marriages are still illegal.
Elven men cannot impregnate a human woman, but deviant human men may be led astray by Elven women.

Types of Half-Elves

Half-Elves are classified by their Elven parent.


Noonbloods as they like to be called, these tongueless eunuchs are given to Mother Tsura to act as messengers and their sisters are sentenced to the Elissan Dungeon to be the sex slaves of the deviants. Although they resemble their Arirow mothers, Half-Arirow mated with a human will only ever have human children. Their bloodlines are therefore cleaned in these duties.


Almost all male, Nightbloods are good cannon fodder as they enjoy the thrill of war. Certar blood taint may survive many generations, therefore it is important not to allow them to mate. The Emperor has a nightblood son.


Also known as the Duskblooded, children of Saranti mothers feel a call to nature, and as such are assigned to lumberjack activities, hunting, and other carpentry professions. Sons are more common than daughters at a 65:35 disparity.

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