Mommy's Children

Mommy's Children are led by Drachma "Mommy" Kinue.

History of Her Children

After the long, bloody conflicts of the Guildless Sorties when the Guilded would savagely and relentlessly assault the Guildless, Consul Kinue did something unheard of in shielding them. For endless centuries, she paid for and personally led a caravan to protect them until the day she finally got the other Drachma to sign another Accord to protect them permanently.
When this hidden caravan emerged from the shadows ready to enjoy the sudden flood of the new day’s sun, Kinue did something unexpected and signed herself into the Accords as well. Initially, her flock felt betrayed, but their Mommy reassured them that this would expand the protections of Guildhood to them without needing to expand the magic beyond the conservative agreements she could get out of the existing Drachma. Understanding the luxuries about to be given to them, they quickly ran by her side and incorporated themselves into the Guilded patchwork
Those outside the caravan who didn’t understand Mommy’s love turned against her and her people, feeling as those her hypocrisy invalidated her kindness or betrayed a hidden agenda underneath her compassion. But, with the same timeless patience that gave her plans for the Bulwark Accord to come to fruition, she tolerates their animosity while still offering the olive branch and the same love as before.

Current State of Her Children

Because of their advanced role in the Sorties, the Children are currently at odds with the aggressive Slaaneshi Seraphim who still manipulate and abuse the Guildless in any ways permitted.

Her Children's Roles Within the Court

Because they still feel kinship with the Guildless, the Children outside the home base of Mommy's House actively go out of their way to share the good will and compassion of their Mommy with the Guildless and make them feel welcome. Mommy's House is the only guild home base where the Guildless are permitted.

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