Mommy's House

Originally a private mansion in the large, extravagant style common among the Many Kings of the First Age, Mommy Kinue renovated hers into a massive, welcoming house of comfort for the guild of the Mommy's Children, her children. Each of the three floors has its own massive, loving fireplace in the front hall across from open windows made to welcome in travelers, the destitute, and the Guildless seeking shelter. This is a safe place full of love that she personally designed to welcome in all who need it. Mommy Kinue herself runs the business with a personal, empathetic touch meant to make everyone as comfortable as possible.

Mommy's House is the only guild base accessible to the Guildless, although this has mostly severed its connection with the Guild Gate. Mommy isn't worried about this, the needy are more important than the Guilded.

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