There exists a traditional hierarchy of noble titles with increasing levels of resources, authority, and influence under the Emperor's reign. This system has promoted stability and has kept the peace for longer than other, anarchic styles espoused at the Emperor from those of little prestige.

Emperor Cyric

Above all rests the Emperor himself, who graciously and gracefully exerts control without strangling his subjects. He has reigned since the inception of the court and shows no sign of slowing down or weakening his grasp. He is the final arbiter of all decisions and the keeper of the peace.


The Consulate reign under the Emperor, made of the influential Alice and the maternal Kinue. They serve as counterpoints to each other and remain poised and disciplined. Alex is active in the affairs of the court and works diligently to keep the peace with his Twinkforce. Kinue, however, is largely silent and allows nature and the crowd to run their courses, stepping in only when absolutely required for the sake of fairness.


Three Marquises serve as advisors to the Consuls and Emperor. Although they have much authority of their own, they are reserved in direct applications of their might. Although all three are extremely active within the events of the court, the now exiled Marchioness Peachies, the former personal advisor of Emperor Cyric, and Marchioness Melly. Marquis Chromelord, Drachma of the Penitent Crusade, is also established and a frequent spectacle to the masses, although not as prolifically. The newly promoted Marquis Niko is slowly growing into the title, although he is more than suited to its responsibilities.


With little influence, the Dukes are more like the watchmen of lower-ranking members of the court than anything mighty in their own right. duke-ap of the Sleeping Forest was the most positive influence of his associates, although Jordan's negative influence is the widest reaching.


Barons are as powerless as lay members of the court but are given a title to signify them as landed. This rank is to signify initiation into the Court without respect given.

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