Nymphs are a particular breed of faerie far renowned for frequent mingling with humans on the Plane of Man. Almost entirely members of the Vernal Hunt or Estival Carnival, nymphs have always been a welcomed form of fey in human lands even while at war with other breeds. Marchioness Melly is the best known half-nymph of the Second Age and has been a great part of increasing the fey presence on the Plane.

Nymph behavior is particular wanton and sensual while around mortals, leading the few who willingly part from their forests to seek the Scarlet Brand of an Adulterer. Away from humans, however, they are found tending to their woods and preserving the balance of nature. Although relationships with a nymph by nature cannot last long unless the mortal follows her back to her home to rejuvenate, even these are typically short lived as nymphs enjoy change and promiscuity.

Nymphs are all-female, taking the form of nubile young women with the pointed ears of an elf when allowed to, although their adaptability and willingness to change their own forms has led to them being popular with fetishists as they can fulfill any fantasy.

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