Penitent Crusade

The Penitent Crusade is led by Drachma Chromelord and assisted by Marchioness Melly. They are the only guild to possess more than one Marquis.

History of the Crusade

Among the deities that created the Material was an outlier by the name of Bhaal. Although powerful and influential the same as the other deities, he was without a domain. Soon after the creation of life, however, he experienced a sharp increase in his might. He became the god of death, a fair judge of the sins and merits of the deceased as they crossed through his gate into the domains of their patron gods.
Before long, however, mortals begun finding ways around the inevitability of death. It was then that Bhaal sent down angels to find mortals worthy of taking his mantle to punish those who transgress against life itself in this fashion. Known as the Penitent Crusade or the Skeletons of Justice, they practice a limited form of the necromantic magics they punish.
Under the direction of Bhaal, Crusaders sentence the guilty of a slowly expanding array of sins against life itself to service in undeath. Knowing their actions will condemn them, necromancers and their servants have hidden themselves away although that only buys time until they’re discovered and struck with Bhaal’s wrath.

Current State of the Crusade

The Crusade is enjoying its wide membership and currently seeking to eliminate the few Apostates who have left their service.

Crusade Roles Within the Court

The Crusade possesses the widest political influence of the guilds of the Court and covers a wide array of roles within it.

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