The instability of the Weave around the empire sometimes pulls individuals from other realities into the court. It also tends to do this with time travelers. Although there is no physical mark of a Planeswalker's reputation upon them, just the sight of them separates them from the regular citizenry by an almost imperceptible energy nimbus that surrounds them.

Privileges of the Nimbus

Those with the nimbus find themselves at the top of the wizard's tower when they arrive in the lands of the empire. They are not from this place and stick out immediately, which is why the Nexus was created as their arrival point. So that they may be educated in the norms of these lands and integrated without sending the serfs into an angry rut. As such, the Nexus is their frequent haunt and is filled with references to foreign events and actors far beyond the understanding of the slaves who service them or even the nobles who visit them.

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