Prime Runner

The instability of the Weave around the empire sometimes sends time travelers into the court. It also tends to do this with foreign worlds. As such, these individuals from the far future find themselves implanted with a sub-dermal chip on their neck to allow them access to areas their reputation deserves. Nobody outside the court understands that previous sentence. Even some inside struggle with it.

Privileges of the Chip

A vast network was created underneath the court to house these time travelers. A significant amount of foreign technology has been brought with them and philosophers are down there pouring over everything retrieved. Aside from the individual chambers afforded each of the travelers, a few common rooms and duties have been assigned to them.

  • The museum is the first room entered when reaching the web. In it are paintings, sculptures, and other, more exotic, works of art and technology. To the travelers, they are nothing special. To the citizens of the court, they are an unimaginably powerful future.
  • A working "terminal" that miraculously gives outgoing access to the future these travelers are from. They use it to contact their comrades and keep updated on the events of their home. It is located in the main recreation room. The travelers complain about something called hy-pyng although this isn't understood yet.
  • The Chronicle room is at the end of the main hallway. This is where the personal histories of the travelers as well as the events of their past- our future- are recorded and structured. The scholars present are very confused.
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