Profane Backwater

Through the twisting, turning, tight tunnels from underneath the western wall of the Elissan Dungeon, you finally reach the destination you seek. The hole in the wall opens up into a waste sewer wider than strictly necessary, whose waters glow in various alchemical colors and whose air allow intoxicates.

The original discovery of the backwater was accidental, as nobody wished to enter the sewer. But drug-addled Adulterers have found this to be a perfect spot for this opium naps. When hallucinating, the mutated sewer rats here are almost friendly, the air is almost a luxurious smoke, and the glowing water creates a perfect ambience. While sober, however, one quickly realizes the danger presented from so many exposed, helpless people being so close to untested laboratory mixtures haphazardly discarded in the same general area as each other.
Sometimes, the alchemist is generous and throws down a safe but still potent mixture. Those days are rare, as he knows Emperor Cyric hates the backwater and its denizens.

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