Sadite Felix

Felix is a Saranti Elf sex slave currently kept restricted in the Elissan Dungeon. He is not permitted to leave and is frequently beaten and subjected to racial abuse. He is a high ranking Sadite and has earned an unofficial Count title among the Sadites.

Formerly Known As

Countess Liz


Due to the immense distrust of him on racial grounds, Felix is restrained to the dungeon. He earned his place of respect among the Adulterers first as a fetish piece but he has quickly grown on the less fetish-minded who frequent the place. He maintains a gallery of illicit and sensual artwork in the dungeon, an appreciated sight for shy newcomers attempting to become comfortable there.


Felix wears a slave collar and the Adulterer brand upon his face. His brand has slight alterations, however, to keep him bound down within instead of giving him access to his home. Likewise, his collar suppresses any chance of him using any faerie tricks.


In a surprising twist of faith, Felix pledges allegiance to Bhaal and the ideals of the Penitent Crusade although he is denied a guild for obvious reasons.


Although hated by the majority of the kingdom for being a Saranti, by his own people for being seen as a race traitor, and by Adulterers who have not reached Sadite status for corrupting their play place, he maintains a friendly relationship with Emperor Cyric and his cohort. Although not truly a position of respect, his word is largely acknowledged as a legitimate Duke's should be.


As Marchioness Peachies was exiled, she muttered a curse that affected a wide swath of minor details across the castle and its denizens. Forcing Liz to become Felix was the most immediately recognizable. None of his followers, admirers, or fellows are phased by the change. This rushed curse is ultimately seen as a benign failure, although Felix has shown an appreciation for his change.

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