Sanitorium of Zaric Purity

The Sanitorium is an ancient, ugly structure on the edge of the Imperial City made under the direction of Zarus and the Cult of Purity to "rehabilitate" the mentally unwell, although it operates closer to a prison than a sanctuary. It uses sensory deprivation, degradation, and strict schedules to break into the mind of its prisoners and to instill the word of Zarus into their every thought. The Cult also uses this place as a prison for half-humans, with a retainer of Abherrants on staff to serve as executioners once the masked nuns deem them "unable" to be rehabilitated.
As with all actions of the Cult and Zarus, Emperor Cyric will not sanction their operations although he benefits from their loyalty. The Emperor has also saved Marchioness Melly from the Sanitorium just one lifetime ago.

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