Second Age

Known now as the Imperial Age, the Second Age was a time of prosperity and relative order brought on by the enforced order under the reign of Emperor Cyric and his Consulate.

Changes of the New Way


The many kingdoms of the First Age were ground down and united under the nobility as established by Cyric. While each region maintains its heritage and individual identity, their leaders were bound by strict magics to prevent the recurrence of the Jaguar Wars. Man swore to never again fight his brother on the grand scale and never return to the bloodshed the Many Kings inflicted upon humanity.

Kullite Repulsion

The existence of the Nexus repelled the Kullites out to the wilds, making the defense against them much easier as the homesteads of Men were safe from anything more than visions and nightmares. As an odd lapse, even their incursions out there have been greatly reduced within the last lifetime, worrying many.

Elves in Chains

After the end of the Faerie Wars, fey presence was under strict control to prevent such control from ever returning. Elves, as well, were controlled to insure the protection of human lives. Elves couldn't be more than slaves. Miscegenation was strictly outlawed. These measures helped ensure order was not lost to the Saranti ever again.

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