Shoggoths are corruptions of men kidnapped by the Kullites and brought to the Farscape. Although there is no set appearance of a shoggoth, they always have similar features.

  • The body of a large, bulky animal. Commonly a gorilla or elephant
  • Shells and large claw arms similar to those of crustaceans
  • Smaller tentacle arms similar to their Kullite masters and molluscs
  • Faces of the humans they used to be
  • Children's voices

They speak in a mangled, word salad form of their languages in life. Their masters seem to understand this but it is not known how. They show not only a lack of their master's inherent psionics but a vulnerability to it as well as a hardened resistance to other forms of magic.

Shoggoths first appeared during the First Age after mass kidnappings at the hands of the Kullites would empty and raze entire cities faster than war or disease. Their faces are still recognizable, making them all the better a weapon against their former friends and families.

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